I am a linguist in love with computational thinking.

Graduate in Linguistics, I have discussed an MA Thesis on the phenomenon of split ergativity in Hittite language. I have attended courses in communication, SEO writing, digital marketing, and programming, which have enhanced my computational thinking skills. My research interests span across two major fields: syntax in generative models and digital humanities: I really love the formal side of linguistics, and I am enthusiastic by the applications of digital instruments in humanities.

My linguistic background and the digital skills are useful for corporates: texts analyses, good communication, eye-catching messages are a plus in these activities.

Passionate about humanities and digital technologies, I love to interact with data.

I am a PhD student in Italian Linguistics at Palacky University of Olomouc, I have cofounded (with Marcello Bolpagni) the project Czech-IT! A linguistic corpus of Czech learners who acquire the Italian language. I am currently collaborating at PoLet500 - Polemiche Letterarie del Cinquecento for the digital planning of the project, as IT Supervisor. I enjoy continuous and cumulative learning in different fields, in which I can get involved through freelance activities.

I am also open for collaborations around open source and open access initiatives.